Thursday, January 20, 2011

roast & roast veg

This post will be short because the last two meals were pretty simple - no real recipes. Last night Kenneth combined the ricotta ravioli with kale, garlic and chilis, a bit of olive oil. Simple but good. Tonight I cooked a roast with potatoes, carrots, green pepper, celeriac chunks, onion and garlic. My first beef roast ever, actually, and I think I pulled it off - again, tasty and simple.

I should mention that our garlic comes partly from Taproot and partly from our neighbour, Lenny, who owns the only seed garlic farm in the province, I think. He is a lovely fellow who regularly drives up and presses garlic into our hands saying either "use in good health" or "for your health."

Brussels sprouts, carrots (which I take in lunches) and that durned squash still left in the fridge. Shoot - I was planning on cooking that with the roast. Ah, well, maybe we'll bring squash muffins or something to the Taproot shareholder meeting on Sunday. (I'm now envisioning an entire potluck made up of various squash dishes!)

Our stove, which came with the house when we bought it, has a really odd quirk: occasionally it just stops working for a few hours, then starts working again the next day with no problems. Amazingly enough, this always seems to happen on Friday nights, so we're forced to order in or go out for dinner. So we'll post again on the weekend!


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