Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thai red cabbage; celeriac soup

Kenneth was in charge of dinner last night and tonight, and managed some impressively creative uses for the vegetables that have been hanging around for a few weeks. Last night he served Thai stir-fry red cabbage and green peppers with chicken, mostly using some Thai green curry paste we had made up in the summer when we had lots of cilantro and green onions. Ria wasn't a fan, but made up for it tonight, wolfing down a bowl of Kenneth's cream of celeriac soup. Nappa, kale and red cabbage coleslaw on the side (tossed with a bit of red wine vinegar and sesame oil) - lots of leftovers but I think we can count the cabbage 'officially' used up!

So we seem to be keeping on top of everything except the squash. There are three in the fridge looking at me every time I open the door.

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  1. Correction: The cabbage salad was tossed with rice vinegar, sesame oil and a few chives.