Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Box day

Kenneth cooked a great stir-fry tonight, using up the last of the leeks, some carrots, some onions, and a few other things. Yesterday he made pasta with sauteed carrots and squash on the side. So that used up the rest of the squash and leeks. We still have turnip and carrots from last week. Sadly we pitched the canteloupe - guilt guilt guilt - I just didn't have a chance to make muffins on the weekend.

Today: beets - beets beets beets! lots of them; sweet potatoes; parsnips; napa cabbage; carrots; mustard beans. Ria had fun unloading everything from the box to the drawers of the fridge, then insisted on carrying around the last sweet potato rather than putting it in the fridge, occasionally taking a gnaw on it and looking to see if I would tell her 'no'. Hey, kid, if you want to eat raw unwashed sweet potato, be my guest! Especially since all of her dinner went on the floor...

Maybe I'll make the beet conserve tomorrow. A lot of people at the potluck were asking for the recipe, so I'll post that soon.

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