Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spaghetti alla Genovese

Tonight Ria and I played in the wading pool and ate beans and peas right out of the garden for a snack, so I didn't feel like breaking up the fun and doing anything time-consuming for dinner. This is a great speedy dinner, and perfect with the fresh produce this time of year.

Spaghetti alla Genovese
2-3 new potatoes per person
handful of green beans per person, trimmed & cut in half
1-2 T pesto per person
1 T pine nuts per person
parmesan cheese
salt & pepper
pasta (preferably spaghetti)
While the pasta is cooking, cut the potatoes in quarters or bite-sized pieces and boil until just tender; drain. Steam or boil the beans until just tender-crisp; drain. Scoop out 1/4-1/2 c. of pasta water; drain pasta when al dente; toss with potatoes, beans, pesto and pine nuts. Add enough pasta water to make the pesto smoothly coat everything. Add parmesan and s&p to taste. Serve with sliced or quartered fresh tomatoes.

We didn't have enough green beans from the garden so used a mix of yellow and green; it detracts slightly from the totally-green effect of the dish but tastes equally good. We also have finished last year's basil pesto, so I used a bit of garlic scape pesto and then lots of torn fresh basil and some olive oil. The combination of potatoes and pasta always seems a bit odd to me - both being 'breads' in my mental categories - but it works in this dish.


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