Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Using up the freezer

With the box getting fuller every week, we're realizing abundance season is upon us - so this weekend we actually used up some things in the freezer/basement shelves.

On Sunday I cooked a peach souffle for brunch - an adaptation of the strawberry souffle in the first section of Simply in Season. We had a bag of frozen sliced peaches from last summer, so I stewed them with a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, nuts and cornstarch to make a sauce. The souffle puffed up beautifully, but unfortunately fell in the time it took to assuage a burnt finger from a toddler a little over-eager to have some 'cake!' Still tasted good, though, if more dessert-like than breakfast-like ... leftovers were good too.

Sunday evening Kenneth made spaghetti sauce, using up some of the fridge veggies (the rest of the kale, etc.) but also finishing the last can of tomatoes and the last package of frozen tomatoes. Come on tomato season!

On Monday I used up the rest of the spinach in a spanikopita (taken from the recipe my friend adapted for nettles: you can find it here A confession: I had to toss the spinach from the previous week since it had gone slimy. Sigh - I hate wasting food! The spanikopita worked really well (though I didn't do the whole salting thing at the beginning) - I halved the recipe, and it was fine. Definitely the recipe I'll be keeping for the future.


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