Friday, September 16, 2011

Tasty German Meatloaf with cauliflower

This is a tasty dish that I started making back in college. Tonight I found out that it can feed a young family too – at least a young family with a cauliflower to use up.

I know that I originally found this recipe from some cookbook or the other, but I can not remember the source. For some reason, I thought maybe Jane Brody, but that seems a bit unlikely. I researched it and found the same recipe online; however, this site seems to have not cited their source, leaving me even more curious.

It's a very simple recipe, and here it is.

For the step that mixes the cheese and milk, they mean the condensed milk.
I also modified the recipe by adding about seven to ten short sprigs of fresh thyme – de-stemmed – from the herb garden. (It does say "German" meatloaf, after all. Ja!)

I served this with yellow and green English cucumber from Taproot and the garden, respectively. Also, Taproot's famous carrots, lightly steamed, then stirred with a spoonful of Cosman and Whidden's honey and a small handful of chopped Italian parsley from the herb garden. On the side a small amount of brown bread, and some Chamomile Pear jelly* that I made the other night.

And a beer. (It does say "German" meatloaf, after all. Ja!)

Bon appetit!


* Chamomile Pear jelly, plus the pear nectar recipe demanded in this recipe. I often pick a mass of chamomile flowers from the Annapolis Valley on our annual strawberry-picking pilgrimage. The best chamomile often grows in the same place/conditions as strawberries. The dried flowers will make a tea that can knock out the most hopeless insomniac.

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