Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Veggie Pappardelle

Tis the season of preserves and dried herbs. This doesn't mean things have to taste as bad as a Dickensian novel. Please sir, may I have some more!

We used Taproot CSA's frozen zucchini from last week, and a number of preserves to produce a very nice pasta dish. I'll try to include the source of the ingredient in the list below.

1 medium-sized onion, chopped (Taproot 2011),
1 tsp. minced garlic (Sobeys*),
1 litre jar of canned tomatoes (Taproot and our own garden, 2010),
1 lb. frozen shredded zucchini (Taproot),
3 or 4 staves of dried lavender (Taproot),
30 g. frozen basil leaves, chopped (our herb garden 2010),
1 or 2 Tbsp. dried thyme (our herb garden 2010),
1 or 2 Tbsp. dried oregano (our herb garden 2010),
3 filets anchovy (Sobeys or Pete's Frootique),
1 156mL can of tomato paste (Sobeys),
Black pepper to taste,
Noodles, preferably pappardelle.

Put a dash of olive oil in the bottom of a large pot (stock pot) and fry the onion and garlic with some black pepper until the onions begin to go transparent.

Add the tomatoes and zucchini. Crumble in the herbs, discarding the tough stems, particularly from the lavender. Add the anchovy. Heat this on medium heat, until it bubbles a bit, then turn it down and simmer it for at least an hour.

Thickening the sauce: the anchovy will serve to thicken the sauce a bit, and do feel free to add more filets than called for above, if you wish. Our family also likes a thick sauce, so we add the small can of tomato paste mentioned above.

Note that there is no salt in this recipe. The better your quality of veggie, the less the need for salt, in my opinion. Also, the anchovies bring a small amount of salt with them.

We ladled this liberally over some homemade Pappardelle noodles that we made a few weeks ago, but you could use any noodle that you prefer.

Bon appetit.


* Sadly, our garlic from our friendly neighbour Len was used up last week. Lament.

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