Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Completely CSA dinner - chicken, asparagus, greens, carrots

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been silent lately but we've been away a couple of weeks. And I missed the fiddleheads - and nettles! Woe! Although my lovely neighbour, to whom we donated our box while gone, apparently made some nettle spanakopita and saved me some. That's the best way to cook nettles, by the way - layer with filo pastry and feta or ricotta.

And the asparagus this week almost makes up for missing the fiddleheads.

Tonight we had a fully CSA meal. Kenneth roasted a chicken from the meat CSA, and we ate it with fresh steamed asparagus, carrots, and a simple greens salad. Oh, and fresh chives for garnish. Ria, who has refused chicken for about six months, decided to eat my whole drumstick plus two slices of breast meat. Trust a one-year-old to prefer free-range organic chicken over Sobey's packaged...

Kenneth uses Jamie Oliver's method of roasting chicken - push a bit of salt and some fresh herbs (we used more of the chives) under the skin on the breast, and drizzle in a little olive oil. Stuff the chicken with a lemon, halved, and more herbs. Rub the rest of the skin with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, then put in a hot roasting pan on one side, breast side down, oven pre-heated to 425 F. Cook for five minutes, turn to the other breast, cook another five. Turn onto its back and cook for an hour. The skin goes nice and crispy and the herbs really flavour the meat.


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