Friday, May 27, 2011

salmon with lime asparagus and beet greens

A bit of a whirlwind dinner last night, since Ria was hungry and clingy, but it still tasted good. I barbecued salmon brushed with soy sauce and lime juice, and bbq'd the rest of the asparagus as well, with a little more lime and then some lime and olive oil drizzled over just before serving. The beet greens we simply steamed; Kenneth likes them with a little butter but I like them with vinegar. Served everything with rice - a simple, fresh, tasty meal. You don't need much cooking skill when the ingredients are so fresh!

Kenneth is having the asparagus ends in omelettes for breakfasts (My mother has a rule that you hold the asparagus with two fingers on the tip and two on the end, and then bend until it snaps, and then only eat the top part. I still do this, but I find it wastes a lot of asparagus which still tastes good - so we save the ends to toss in other things) and we've been drinking the cider in the evenings. Carrots in lunches but they're piling up - might have to pickle some soon.


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