Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Kenneth has been making some good food lately - kale smoothies for breakfast Saturday (which I thought would be gross, but which were pretty good), homemade pasta with meatballs from the meat share, herbs from the garden, and canned tomatoes last summer.

Yesterday we had apple pancakes for breakfast, salads for lunch, and an almost-entirely food-box Father's Day dinner. Kenneth requested a chicken cacciatore recipe out of the Jamie Oliver Italy cookbook, so I tried my hand at that.

The complication was, of course, that we've been getting whole chickens in the meat share, and I'm used to having my chicken come in nicely portion-sizes and lots of styrofoam and saran wrap from the grocery store. I've never cut up a raw chicken before! It's not too hard, though, and I think I managed okay. But all the internet videos spend lots of time on the easy stuff (cutting off the legs and wings) and skim very quickly over the hard stuff (cutting out the backbone and ribs)! If you're trying this, I strongly recommend scissors as well as knives - they often worked much better.

So - chicken cacciatore with meat-share chicken dissected by yours truly, tomatoes canned from Taproot or our garden from last year, and olives from the Italian market (which is pretty local, I figure!). Oh, and Italian wine - not local. I won't write out the recipe because I followed Jamie Oliver religiously and didn't modify, though I might mess with the recipe in the future. Served with homemade bread, Taproot greens salad, and with rhubarb apple (Noggins) for dessert - yum!


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