Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lemon greens penne

I kept it simple tonight: pasta with salmon and greens. This is a very easy-dish - mild-flavoured, but the flavours mix nicely and I think shine better than in a more overpowering dish.

Grill some salmon fillets (one fewer than the number of people). Meanwhile, start the water boiling. Wash the greens - I used spinach and the rest of last week's savoy cabbage, but you can use any greens - and slice them to manageable size. Heat 1-2 T of olive oil and 3-4 T of lemon juice in a large pan or wok. Add 1 T of lemon zest. Start the tougher greens in the pan. When the water boils, cook 1 c of penne per person. Add the spinach or other greens to the pan. Break the salmon into bite-sized chunks and stir into the greens. Drain the pasta; add to the pan. Toss with a bit more olive oil and lemon juice (the dish should be quite lemony). Serve with lots of fresh parmesan and fresh ground pepper.

Patricia said some people were having trouble using up the beets - I think I'll make pickled beets this weekend, but if that doesn't suit your fancy, try the beet conserve:


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