Wednesday, March 2, 2011

chips encounters of the turnip kind

I've never been a big fan of turnips, but with the Winter CSA box, we are reconciling our differences… a bit.

A good discovery that I have made is turnip chips.

Slice them really thin, like bagged potato chips. Deep-fry them. Add salt.

Since they do not get as crisp as potato chips, it is a good idea to throw them in the oven after the deep-fry, for a bit of a bake. Watch them closely in the over, as the high sugar content in turnip tends to make them an easy candidate for scorching.

I rarely deep-fry anything, so to avoid wasting the canola oil, I set it aside in a separate container and later use it to pop popcorn on the stovetop. It works for me, as I eat turnip only occasionally, but popcorn remains an appetite over which I have little wont to control.

Not the healthiest of posts, but if you have a fridge full of turnip…

Bon appetit!


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